Vonnie B Album – Club Nights (Get It TODAY!!)

Vonnie’s Club Night is the most unique, fun-loving and entertaining mix of pop and dance music out today. This trend-setting album combines techno/dance with pop styles and themes. You can sing along with the words or dance all night to the musical beats and blends. Though Club Night consists mostly of dance/pop songs, it has various styles of music. “Amaya’s Song,” her first single, is an R&B tune which pays tribute to her late daughter Amaya. Her second single, “Club Night,” is a more fast-paced dance song, resembling the majority of songs on her album. In addition, “Wild Coyote,” which has been introduced to country music fans, is a techno-country style.

1. Club Night Intro
2. Techno Train
3. Wild Coyote
4. Dancing in Disguise
5. Do U Feel
6. Amaya’s Song
7. Still in Love
8. We’ll Dance (Interlude)
9. Club Night
10. Reminding Me of U
11. Latin Lover
12. Remember That
13. Rock It!
14. Do U Feel (The Remix)