Our Brand

“If the children are our future, why do we continue to feed them junk?”

– Crystal L. Lawrence

In the midst of a dark and gloomy world, there will be hope and a ray of sunshine. This sunshine will shine from the initiatives of Piggy Bank Records.

Too many youth in our country suffer do to the negative images of women and minorities on television, specifically in music videos. Piggy Bank Records was created to right these wrongs and offer hope and an alternative to the negative images in the music industry. Piggy Bank Records is a record label that’s foundation is to entertain but most importantly educate, produce, and promote socially conscious music.

Piggy Bank Records is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The record label’s main function is to sell and distribute music. It is owned and founded by two equal partners and sisters, ChieStine and Crystal Lawrence. ChieStine Lawrence is the CEO. Her research and knowledge of the music industry will be very beneficial in managing the record label. Her extensive business skills will be invaluable in bringing in the necessary people who will aid in the success of Piggy Bank Records. Crystal Lawrence is the COO. Her knowledge of running a business will be very essential in managing operations and finances.

Currently the music industry is in a “sad” state. Indie artists and labels have a very difficult time gaining airtime. We will therefore, invent new and exciting methods of gaining and maintaining airplay. Piggy Bank Records also chooses not to take advantage of our artists. Our artists will be seen as a partner instead of a tool to our success.

Piggy Bank Records will become the biggest, most prosperous record label period!